Enduring Color . . . Enduring Quality

Heritage Village Colors are the historic / restoration paints and transfers manufactured by the Gryphin Company of Philadelphia.

Replicating the qualities of paints used throughout Colonial America, Heritage Village Colors are perfect tools for the country-color enthusiast as well as for use in reproduction of 18th and 19th century decorating:

  • Unlike other paints, no dyes are added to the finished product.
  • Heritage Village paints are made with the finest, naturally-occurring pigments.
  • The pigments are ground into the resin in the same way colonial craftsmen created their paints.

The result – a full line of rich, beautiful paint colors that look as if they came from an 18th or 19th century craftsman’s palette.



Real Paint Transfers

Complementing Gryphin’s line of high quality paints, Heritage Village Paint Transfers offer you the folk patterns of colonial America rendered in our Heritage Village paints. The image that is transferred is paint with all the details, quality, and beauty of an artistic stencil. One need only rub the transfer in order to apply it to interior or exterior walls, furniture, fabric, glass, or pottery.


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